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'Mountain' garners a Hilton Earl Memorial Nomination at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019

Through winning the December audience award at Blueprint Glasgow, 'Mountain' was nominated for the Hilton Earl Memorial Award at the Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019. It was one of only four films announced to be in contention for the prestigious award.

The three other nominated films were;

BAFTA Scotland Best Short 2018 nominee 'Slap' from Simone Smith

2016 documentary Still Life: 'Portrait of a Fighter' by Kieran Hennigan

Alistair MacLeod adaption 'In The Fall' by Tom Gentle

The £16,350 budgeted 'In The Fall' ultimately won the award at a ceremony celebrating the final night of the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

An additional note on Blueprint...

Blueprint curator Hans Lucas has indicated that the quarterly programme may go into hiatus for an undisclosed period.

Organising the event is a monumental task but one that is deeply appreciated by the Glasgow film community. The work Hans does shines a light on films like Mountain in an industry where it is all too easy for independent film to get lost in a never-ending shuffle of 'content' and algorithms.

Blueprint championed the feature film debut from John McPhail (Anna & the Apocalypse) and recently hosted a retrospective of future master cinematographer Alan McLaughlin's work. It legitimizes short films that have not benefited from corporate or arts council support, opening the door to industry outsiders and strengthening a burgeoning creative community. Despite scheduling a recurring night, Lucas puts an emphasis on quality that's deserving of large screen exhibition. All this and the event has a track record of being popular with audiences, often selling out the largest screens at The Glasgow Film Theatre.

What Hans Lucas has achieved here is remarkable; one hopes Creative Scotland and/or similar bodies take notice and Blueprint's hiatus is short lived.

- JH

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