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Electric Faces ends 2016 with screenings in Germany, India & London

As 2016 comes to a close, Electric Faces will screen at a further three festivals!

Dec 13-14 - London International Film Festival

The World International Film Festival group show Electric Faces at The Art House in the U.K. capital as part of their London programme.

Dec 16 - The Best Independent International Film Festival

Electric Faces has been nominated for Best VFX (Nicole Anderson & David Reynolds) and will screen as part of the 'Disruptive Worlds' programme at 7pm in the prestigious Schauburg cinema in Karlsruhe.

Dec 31 - Wular Lake International Short-Film Festival

Kashmir's Wular Lake International Short-Film Festival has selected Electric Faces for exhibition in their limited international Films 'made outside India' category. The film will also be vying for awards in Directing, Cinematography, Screenplay and Editing.

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