Where to watch Electric Faces

Electric Faces is currently screening across the globe at several different film festivals.

24th Sep

Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival will screen Electric Faces at Studio 62 in Montreal, Canada. The film will be shown alongside fellow UK Screen One Award winner Gordon Robertson's The Chair.

13th Oct

Electric Faces can be seen at the Southern Colorado Film Festival as the first of a special international selection at Richardson Hall Auditorium at 4pm.

14th Oct


The Irish Science Fiction Film Festival will screen Electric Faces at it's seventh edition in October 2016. The film has been nominated for "Best Film" as part of festival's prestigious awards program and will be shown at the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, Octocon.

Director of the festival, John Vaughan said; "Although extremely low budget , director Johnny Herbin manages to capture the ordinariness the technology of tomorrow will be seen as and has created a story that would not be out of place in the worlds of Phillip K Dick or Isacc Asimov."

23rd Oct

Solent Film Festival screens Electric Faces at the Orange Rooms in Southampton, England. The film will be shown alongside drama Real Strength, documentary Gift of Life and the short comedy Total Awesome Viking Power amongst others.

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