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Electric Faces screens at The Norwich Radical Film Festival

Electric Faces has been selected to screen at Norwich Radical Film Festival on August 26th as part of a specially curated program. The film appears in the "Who's In Charge Here?" programme as part of the Dystopian Quadrilogy, compiled by the NRFF director, also a professor of science fiction film.

NRFF organisers said "Artificial intelligence and strangers are the source of anxiety in these struggles for power and force the redefining of identity...The Norwich Radical Film Festival seeks films that are politically subversive and/or divergent in form. ‘Radical’ film can encompass documentaries that seek to raise awareness of the struggles of oppressed communities, fiction that explores or questions cultural norms, or avant-garde filmmaking that challenges traditional cinematic techniques -- and many more possibilities."

Electric Faces tells the story of a young crook planning the perfect robbery in Future Glasgow. Euan Bennet leads the cast alongside John Gaffney, George McWilliam, Calum MacAskill and June Hazel.

Chris Quick, the co founder of The Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance, is producing with Darren Eggenschwiler on board as Director of Photography. Omar Aborida masters the sound with David McKeitch also providing sound recording. Daniel McLearnon provides the score. The film features props by Thom Wall (Sorenzo Props) and make up by Harley Moore. Electric Faces is directed by Johnny Herbin.

Electric Faces received a BAFTA nomination for a New Talent Writer award and won 'Best Short' at the UK Screen One International Film Awards. INFLUX Magazine awarded Electric Faces "Best Short" of 2015 at INFLUXPalooza.

I'm truly grateful to the Norwich Radical Film Festival for adding Electric Faces to its schedule.

Visit the official Norwich Radical Film Festival website here.

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