Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Thom Wall


Professional props artist and model maker Thom Wall (Sorenzo Props) brings his exceptional skills and talent to Electric Faces, turning concept sketches and drawings into physical costumes. It’s been an amazing experience working with Thom to shape the look for humech characters Hanna and Hugh. Regular visits to the Sorenzo Props studio during pre production were a real treat and the results enabled us to bring real, practical effects on set.

Awesome right?

^Awesome right?

A regular judge at various comic cosplay conventions around the country, Thom describes himself as “a geek enabler”. His workshop is adorned with hand made replicas of recognisable brands including Game of Thrones, Marvel and Batman among others. He loves to engage with his fans, with dedicated accounts on Tumblr, Twitter and a regular live broadcast, The Sorenzo Props Show. Keep an eye on this guy!

The Sorenzo Props Official Website

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