Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Daniel McLearnon

Apologies for the lack of posts - I’ve been in Asia the past few months (at least my Instagram has flourished) but progress continues on ‘Faces.

The last cast & crew profiles will arrive online over the next four weeks. I’ll be tweeting a little more about Electric Faces as we approach exhibition later this year.

Check back soon!


Prior to Electric Faces, music in my projects had always been pre-recorded. Getting to witness the development of an original soundtrack has been a great experience. I've known Daniel for a few years and we'd always talked about potentially working together on something. After a conversation over the Electric Faces storyboards and concept art, we decided that this was the right project to collaborate on.

We spent a lot of time sharing pieces of music from composers we admired before filming took place and the score has been developed slowly in parallel to the film edit. Daniel has written themes for characters and story beats that really tie the short together beautifully.

A music graduate, Daniel has worked in the Youth Music field for three years. The majority of this work has been affected in the role of a community musician in various schools across Scotland. He is primarily a teaching guitarist but also dabbles in song writing/composition under the pseudonym of Saxe-Coburg. Daniel's passion lies in writing original soundtracks and popular music.

Daniel's Soundcloud

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