Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Chris Quick

Chris Quick & Andy S McEwan on the set of Broken Record (2014)

When searching for a producer for Electric Faces, I knew I needed someone with practical filmmaking experience and exceptional knowledge and passion for the industry itself. With this in mind I approached Chris Quick, a multi skilled writer, director, editor and the co founder of networking organisation, The Glasgow Filmmakers’ Alliance. After reading the script and watching a fully storyboarded animatic of the short, Chris Quick agreed to produce, and soon later edit Electric Faces.

Since then Quick has been heavily engaged in nearly all aspects of the production and was especially involved in casting (arranging auditions for the likes of Euan Bennet, George McWilliam and recommending John Gaffney for the Lucas role). During filming he shared assistant director responsibilities amongst a plethora of duties and ensured the team were committed to schedule. With Electric Faces almost complete, Chris now oversees the film’s festival exhibition schedule.

Chris Quick co founded production company Quick Off The Mark with long time collaborator Mark Ferguson in 2009. He achieved significant success with his directing debut, The Greyness of Autumn (2012). The Greyness of Autumn screened at film festivals around the world and its unique blend of surrealist humour and kitchen sink realism continues to attract critical praise and awards (Best Comedy Short, People of Passion Film Festival 2015). A direct sequel, ‘Autumn Never Dies’ has been slated to shoot in late 2015 with Quick returning to write and direct. A release date has yet to be announced.

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