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Den of Geek reveal the first Electric Faces poster

Electric Faces Poster.jpg
Via Twitter, Den of Geek have revealed the first poster for Electric Faces.

Electric Faces is a science fiction drama that follows a desperate thief who plans to commit the perfect robbery in future Glasgow. These plans are soon thrown into chaos by a cantankerous bank guard and an increasingly unstable robot. The cast includes Euan Bennet, John Gaffney and Calum MacAskill (Mugging For Amateurs).

In August, moviescramble caught up with Electric Faces producer Chris Quick to talk about the short film.

It was an interesting script and I had never done a film in the sci fi genre. Overall the filming process ran fairly smoothly. I would like to draw particular attention to Euan Bennet, our leading actor who at the age of 19 has excelled in what some would consider to be quite a task for someone who is still in the early years of his acting training. I’m certain that Electric Faces will be a tremendous springboard for him with his outstanding performance of Tom. I would like to commend our DOP Darren Eggenschwiler. Darren’s phenomenal knowledge of cinematography made the filmmaking process seem so effortless and it was remarkable to watch the man in action on set. We were also lucky to work with David Reynolds, a very gifted VFX Compositor & Animator in Glasgow. David will be adding some subtle futuristic magic to the scenes giving us a sense that the world we are observing is of another time.


The Electric Faces poster also provides a first look at the robotic "Humech" character Hugh, portrayed by Calum MacAskill and Rasmus Kull (on voice duties).

When I initially saw Johnny’s drawings of how Hugh would look, I thought it was going to be quite adventurous to construct something that would not only be realistic but would be comfortable enough for an actor. Thom Wall (of Sorenzo Props) built the helmet and has done a fantastic job. I think it will be something people will remember vividly from the film.

Electric Faces is scheduled for festival exhibition summer 2015

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