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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Darren Eggenschwiler

Electric Faces Day 02 Shoot 113 copy.jpg
Photo by Chris Quick

Electric Faces has provided me with an opportunity to work with Darren Eggenschwiler again. I first met Darren when looking for a cinematographer to shoot Mugging For Amateurs and I've been fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with him on everything I’ve made since.

A sure-fire talent with an exhaustive knowledge on camera and light, Darren lit and shot Electric Faces to follow the look of initial concept art. He is widely respected as one of the best and hardest working professionals within the Glasgow film scene. Having someone behind the camera with as much technical knowledge and open-minded curiosity as Darren is incredibly liberating for any director. Taking advantage of the latest industry software, his work as cinematographer continues into the final edit where he retains control of the film colour grade.

Along with A D Robertson (Rough-House, 30 Seconds Apart), Stephen Paton (#IndyRef Weekly) and Matthew Cowan ( Charlatan, The Unchecked Rampage of the Infamous Gangsteristas) Darren Eggenschwiler founded Production Attic Ltd. He has just finished work on the company’s Christmas short film, Let the Bells Ring (dir Matthew Cowan, 2014).

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