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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Omar Aborida

Sharing sound recording duties with David McKeitch but mastering the final Electric Faces sound mix himself is Omar Aborida. I’ve known and worked with Omar for over 10 years and he continues to deliver sound on an exceptional level that is rarely associated with low budget short films.

With Electric Faces, Aborida is sculpting a deep field of sound to convey a futuristic science fiction environment. A huge portion of the audio will be created from scratch, matching David Reynold’s digital effects work.

Aborida previously recorded and mastered the sound for ‘Mugging For Amateurs’ but has also worked on BAFTA winning Fast Romance (dir. Carter Ferguson) and Perfect Sense (dir David Mackenzie). His television credits include Limmy’s Show, River City, Lip Service & Taggart.

In addition to his work on film and television, Omar Aborida also plays bass in the critically acclaimed The Cosmic Dead. Their early 2014 release, Easterfaust was deemed “A mind-manifesting blast of authentic psych-rock from some of its modern day masters – essential ★★★★” by The Skinny magazine. The band have just completed an extensive European tour.

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