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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Stephen Paton

Photo by Chris Quick

The crew for Electric Faces includes #IndyRef Weekly Review creator and Production Attic company director Stephen Paton. Stephen has been a presence in all of my recent work as an important member of camera crew (Mugging For Amateurs, Electric Faces) and a resourceful visual effects artist (Rough-House).

Along with A D Robertson, Darren Eggenschwiler and Matthew Cowan, Stephen Paton co founded Production Attic Ltd. Through years of hard work and a commitment to quality, the team have quickly become a widely respected facet of Glasgow’s video production and filmmaking community.

Earlier this year, Paton started the #IndyRef Weekly Review, providing a passionate look over the development of the Scottish Referendum. The series has been a huge success and subsequently Paton has become a significant personality for the Yes Campaign, regularly appearing at public events and debates.

Stephen Paton has also recently ventured into film producing, overseeing production on Matthew Cowan’s Black Magic For Young Lovers (2013) and The Unchecked Rampage of the Infamous Gangsteristas (2013).

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