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First Electric Faces Image Revealed In Chris Quick Interview

In an exclusive interview with, producer Chris Quick revealed the very first still of Euan Bennet as Tom in Electric Faces. The stilll is featured in the first of a two-part interview with Quick that touches on talent in the indie film scene in Scotland. Chris mentioned Bennet:

I would also like to draw particular attention to Euan Bennet, our leading actor who at the age of 19 has excelled in what some would consider to be quite a task for someone still in the early years of his acting training. I’m certain that Electric Faces will be a tremendous springboard for him with his outstanding performance in the role of Tom.

Exceptional local talents John McPhail, Graham Hughes and Darren Eggenschwiler are also praised in the interview. You can read the full article here.


It's amazing to have sites like moviescramble & FromPage2Screen shining a light on small, zero-budget short films. The exposure they generate is vital for films that would otherwise likely go unnoticed.

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