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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Laura Chiverton

Laura Chiverton.jpg
The cast of Electric Faces includes an actress regularly seen in Production Attic short films, Laura Chiverton. Electric Faces follows Tom (Euan Bennet), a recovering addict whose plans to commit the perfect robbery are thrown into chaos by a cantankerous bank guard and an increasingly unstable robot. Chiverton has been cast as ‘Hanna’, a robotic bar maid that Tom and his confidant, Lucas (John Gaffney) encounter early in the film.

Laura Chiverton was most recently seen in the award winning 48 hour short The Unchecked Rampage of the Infamous Gangsteristas (dir. Matthew Cowan), where she played one third of the villainous ‘Gangsteristas’ trio. She is no stranger to the science fiction genre, having previously appeared as time-travelling Ramona Lewis in 30 Seconds Apart and Rose Brown in Pushing Buttons, both directed by Matthew Cowan.

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