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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: David Reynolds

David Reynolds is an award winning* digital effects artist. Reynolds has an extensive portfolio, with examples of work in advertising, television and film. He is overseeing the majority of the special effects work in Electric Faces, bringing the sprawling shots of Future Glasgow and its more unusual inhabitants to life.

Reynolds has ample experience in digital effects work and recently wowed Vue Cinema audiences with a blend of after effects animation and school pupil’s drawings in Matthew Cowan’s Princess Butterfly (2014).

This year Reynolds provided 3D model animation for Matthew Cowan and A.D. Roberton’s ambitious sci fi 48 hour film Panagea, creating entire environments in an astonishingly tight timeframe.

In addition to his extensive work in film, Reynolds is busy penning and inking his own graphic novel Pro-Partia. Some really great early Pro-Partia concept art appeared online in July. Click the link for a full view.


*winner- Best Digital Effects 48 Hour Film Project Festival - The Unchecked Rampage of the Infamous Gangsteristas (dir. Matthew Cowan)

David Reynolds on Vimeo

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