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Electric Faces Cast & Crew: Harley Moore

Harley Moore Electric Faces.jpg

Harley Moore & Euan Bennet on location for Electric Faces. Photo by Chris Quick.

With any film the make-up department is vital. This is especially true in the science fiction genre.

With Electric Faces, make-up & hair artist Harley Moore faced a variety of challenges.

Moore previously worked on Paul Michael Egan's ‘Pursuit of the Dead’ & ‘The Package’, providing pivotal zombie & un-dead cosmetic effects. She recently graduated from Cumbernauld College and is looking to continue make-up and effects work in both film and TV.

photo copy.JPG

An example of Harley's previous work. Photo by Harley Moore.

Harley Moore has delivered some exceptional work on Electric Faces and has already received significant praise from early viewers of the rough cut.

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