New Things

Welcome to my website/blog/newsfeed. The old site over on blogspot was feeling a little tired. It's time to try something new.

I'm happy to share with you a first look at my next short film, "Electric Faces". This production still was taken by producer Chris Quick. Pictured is lead actor Euan Bennet.

The science fiction short stars Euan Bennet, John Gaffney, George McWilliam, June Hazel, Calum MacAskill and Laura Chiverton. Darren Eggenschwiler is on board as Cinematographer. Omar Aborida and David McKeitch share sound duties. Harley Moore is supervising make-up and Chris Quick is editing and producing the short. "Electric Faces" is currently filming with an autumn 2014 premiere target. Check back soon for further details.


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